Over many years working in the home improvement market we noticed that doors are often an afterthought for companies who seem to be more interested in bigger ticket items like windows and conservatories. This always seemed strange to us, after all what’s the first thing a visitor invariably sees when they visit your home?

We saw customers handed a brochure and left to navigate the seemingly infinite choices available when purchasing a door, while the sales person focused on what was important to them.

While the experience was poor for people buying their door as part of a bigger purchase, for example with new windows or a conservatory, it was almost impossible for anyone who wanted only a door and nothing else.  Sometimes companies wouldn’t even return the calls of those customers.  How can that be right?

So, we decided to do something about it: Buy Your Own Doors!

We are a specialist supplier and installer of the highest quality composite doors.  We have a no-pressure, customer first philosophy.  We believe businesses do well if customers are happy and so we aim to make the process of buying a new door as easy and enjoyable as possible.

We have done the hard work for you up front by thoroughly researching the market and choosing products from which we believe we can meet the needs of any discerning customer.  Our door ranges are cost effective, stylish and among the most secure doors on the market.

Our installers are time-served and highly experienced, which means that your new door will be fitted by an expert.  And all installations come with a ten-year guarantee as well as a free adjustment service, giving you peace of mind that if anything did ever go wrong, you will be fully covered.

So, why not have a go yourself and Buy Your Own Doors!